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7.4a Fixes for Become High King of Skyrim V2 now out!

The fixes for update 7.4a is now out both on Steam, Nexus and ModDB. The patch fixes the .bsa archive file so the game can find it and use the mods assets. All bugs surrounding, quest not triggering and npc's not responding to commands should all be fixed.

Steam Nexus ModDB

So whats next?

Zindar55 here explaining our plans for our only current project Become High King of Skyrim V2 which is to come out with version 7.5 beta. This will be our first beta build since I was recruited on the project. 

Highreach Island World Space in the Works
The beta is going to contain a bunch of tweaks to the High Reach city as will as a giant leap towards setting the city up to get an external overhaul as requested by many users on the nexus. Our goal is to have a fully external outer city walls as seen in other city's scattered across Skyrim like Whiterun, Solitude, Winterhold etc... This is a huge expansion for such a small team, so please remain patient as we work away at it. Also in the mean time there will be more small updates which will contain bug fixes for the newest version 7.4a as they pop up. There are bound to be a few as I messed with some of the quests which can result in scripts not loading properly.

Why so many bugs in V2?
The reason for the lack of bug fixes and …