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Whats next after Patch 7.4a?

Hi Zindar55 here to explain "Whats next after Patch 7.4a?". Our plans for the upcoming, what we call "Immersion" patch, is a bit of an overhaul over dialogue and lore. Lore journals will be added into various location around the modded locations added by the mod. These lore journals well attempt to explain and give context to why things and people are the way they are. The other thing is voicing and redoing some most of the dialogue added by the mod. The only thing not being voice is the custom NPC's that you can promote onto your high counsel. This patch is currently in the works and is estimated to be releasing sometime in April or earlier. It all depends on getting available voice actors together. Updates will be given as we work away at this update, we hope to cut the wait time in half if we can for the release of this patch.

~ Zindar55 Infinium Studio's Co-Founder/Dev