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Our steam workshop has been finally updated!

Zindar55 here to announce that our steam workshop has been finally updated with patch v7.4a.
After 3-4 hours of trouble shooting, I final figured out that I accidentally deleted the .pub files that are attributed with becomethehighking.esp, so in other words I deleted the info for the publication of Become High King. I am still a noob to Steam workshop, but I would like to a apologize for the steam user having to wait for there update. I hope to fix issues quicker in the future, but there a thing called life that gets in the way sometimes, as many know.

~ Zindar55 Infinium Studio's Founder/Dev

Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Youtube etc....

Hello Mr. Infinium here to tell you that we will be setting up a facebook page soon where you can get more info on what's going on or to communcate better with me Austin, Or OjWizard. We do have a Twitter as of right now the Twitter name is @Infinium MAS. Our steam page is available under Austin or my account name to follow us there or search in group the First High Council. Our Youtube is also available and we will be making a schedule on what days we will be doing Live Q & A or walkthroughs on what we have recently added to the mod or new mod ideas we will be working on in the future.

     On a side note I would like to thank everyone who supports us and follows us on all forms of Media, and supports our mods and our community. I would also like to thank Austin and OjWizard for the help they have given me, check them out on steam.

Austin: search Zindar55

OjWizard: Search OjWizard or Shredder

Thanks again everyone for the support and help

     ~ Mr.Infinium, Infinium Studio&#…

Update for High King V2 version 7.4a

Why is version 7.4a not on steam yet?
While it was mentioned that we were rolling out are update later on this week, which was done both on Mod DB and Nexus but with steam we can't seem to have steam pick up the fact that it is the same mod, so when we hit upload it pops up as a entirely new mod. We are working to resolved this issue ASAP but in the mean time you can go to either of these links to download it off your second preferred site or wait tell the issue is solved.


Mod DB:

Update 7.4A is about to drop!

We been working hard to get our next update out, and we after many set backs have finally finished. The patch well be soon released sometime later this week. This update include many bug fixes, as well as a few new NPC's. The mod was also cleaned, removing many things that can potentially crash player games, so stability has been improved.  

More Voice Actors! - High King V2

More voice actors are being brought on to the project/mod. This is to increase the immersion of the mod. In time we may tell a story/quest and so we are just preparing for that. On a later date we are going to try to get a road map set to keep us on track and to keep everyone in the loop.

Update #1: Become High King V2 | Slow Progress!


Found the land glitch for High King V2!!!!

Great News! For months we've been getting reports of a glitch where characters would spawn onto a flouting plot of land while leaving a building. We had no clue how to reproduce the glitch for our self's or where to find it. We were determined to find and fix this bug as reports kept coming in. We finally had the glitch happen to us,
So we are working to fix this land issue in our next upcoming patch.

Welcome and Updates

Welcome to the blog!
Welcome to Infinium's new blogger website this was created to give you updates on are progress during our modding process. We hope this well eliminate confusion as well as keeping you the fellow gamers informed on our projects. If you haven't already you should give our YouTube channel a look over.  

Why is the mod (BHK v2) taking so long to update?
Zindar55 is the only current Dev that can work on the mod at this point as, Mr. Infinium's PC has stop working and OJWizard isn't a Dev, he helps others in the forums. OJWizard is essentially head of support.

Expanding the team?
Our current plan is on expanding the already existing mod of Become the High King in our version 2 which is at this point just minor bug fixes and some improvements. There are still plenty of bugs that need to addressed and very little time and man power to do it. This lead to us deciding we need to expand the team, we are looking for fellow modders such as our s…