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BHKoS V2 Update! - Progress so far?

Surprise were #notdead. The next update has been delayed quite a bit from our last post, but we are getting back on track. So to answer the long requested question of progress done to BHKoS V2. High Reach exterior has been continued and its basic outline is complete. Surgus hideout is being relocated to improve compatibility. Many mods that changes Markarth well remove Surgus hideout door making it impossible to get the quest to becoming king pretty hard. That starting quest is being fixed up a bit to make it easier to be king. Other bugs are being fixed as there found as per usually. A cinematic like trailer is being developed for our YouTube channel and steam page. A second trailer well be made to show off new features we have planned there is even custom soundtrack produced by StringStorm to sync the footage to in the second trailer.

For a more complete list of progress updated almost daily head to our trello page.

We would…